Trees and Me (a seasonal allergy rant)

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I hate trees. Well, I love trees, too. But the pollen they emit in the spring is enough to nearly kill me. Or, at least I think I’m dying.

First I start to sneeze, then I get congested, and it goes down into my bronchials and I begin to rattle and have asthma.Then my sinuses ache in a big way and I get a horrible headache. I hate it all. The cause for all the pain and misery is my own immune system, going haywire and thinking I’ve been invaded by something that must die.

So my immune system is killing me. I’m not alone. One out of three of us suffer from seasonal pollen allergies, so it is a serious situation. Symptoms include a runny nose, watery eyes, a sore throat, a cough and chest congestion, and sinus pain and swelling. So right away, the quality of a sufferer’s life has suffered a major hit.

The immune system is on overdrive, so anything else that happens to come along, like a rhinovirus, has a perfect medium to begin multiplying itself and causing other symptoms. In severe cases, pneumonia can result; it can also raise havoc with any other condition a person has, such as high blood pressure or heart disease, and can aggravate blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.

In short, seasonal allergies can literally kill you.

The only thing a person can do about this is avoid the allergen, take antihistamines and analgesics (benadryl and NSAIDS), or undergo allergy shots to weaken the effect the allergen has his or her body.

My tactic is to completely ignore it all until it hits, then try like crazy to combat it with an arsenal of pain meds and benadryl. No way I’m taking allergy shots. That takes too much planning and sounds like hocus pocus. The shots are full of the stuff you are allergic too, and they inject that in you, and then you supposedly become immune to the allergen over time. Like, ¬†years. And that is to say if you live through the injections. Yuck. No amount of persistent medical advising can persuade me to go through torture.

So, I go through torture. Maybe, I think, the whole thing will disappear and I can forget I have these incompatibilities with small yellow dust particles that fly in the air for several weeks of the Spring, again in the Summer, and followed by mold off the trees in the Autumn.

Anyone have a better idea?