The Matalin and Carville of Crane?


strang bed 3Someone said about my new husband and I, that we were like the Mary Matalin and James Carville of Crane. Only I’m the liberal one, and he is the Republican.

Today he posted on Facebook that awful picture of a Piper Cub shot up with arrows. The caption stated this is the plane Obama was in when he went to visit the Indian Nations in Oklahoma. Hard to think that is funny, I kept thinking.

Hell, you have to hand it to whomever found that picture. And, it begs the question, how did all those arrows get stuck in that plane?

But what I said was, now you have singlehandedly pissed off two groups of people: First Nationals (aka Indians) and now Obama supporters. He just laughed. It was so, so funny.

And so it begins, the Election year 2016.

strange bed 2Pray for me.

4 thoughts on “The Matalin and Carville of Crane?

  1. Also, while we are on the subject, what is with Mary Matalin’s new look? I looked all over for recent pictures, at no avail.
    The other night she was on Bill Maher’s show “Politically Incorrect” and I didn’t recognize her. I thought, wow, another man becoming a woman! But no, it is Mary M., who used to be a really pretty lady. Now she has had botox, and I mean BOTOX. Her face is like marble, but her lips, cheeks and under her eyes are all puffy and wrinkle free. But there is no expression in her face. I feel really sorry for James Carville. Of course, I’ve always felt sorry for James Carville, because Mary M. is such a Republican Witch, (with a B), and I failed to see the attraction. But now, she is hideous. Totally hideous.

  2. Mary looks like a skinned rabbit to me. A deluded pursuit of youth that is an epic fail. I will pray for you. I wondered about that plane. I saw only a little inset with no text. Made on sense to me as it was too small to see the arrows. (Not that it makes sense knowing that as well.)

  3. Yes, I love my Brenda. She is a source of endless joy, companionship, and humor to me. Especially when she gets on her “Democratic face”. I guess I am happily slightly apolitical. I have many Republican leanings and also some Democrat leanings. I try not to get wrapped up in the political process because I know my vote counts for very little on the National scale and unless you have the clout or money you won’t be listened to. But one thing I do find is that if you cannot find something to laugh at in jest (even if it is something like that picture and the caption), don’t worry about the politics of it, then you don’t have a “funny bone” in your body, and you worry too much about what other people say is “politically correct” (At least in their own mind, or what someone else has told them.) (And don’t get me started on that one!) I wouldn’t doubt that some Indians came up with the idea in the first place. Bye, ya’ll!!!!!

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