Conjuring: We all Do it – Advice on Making it Work for You, and Some Caveats

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Say the word ‘conjure’ and immediately, most people see a skyclad witch burning incense, while murmuring incantations and invoking the names of spirits. OK, I guess you could do that.
But it isn’t necessary. Everybody conjures, on a daily basis. Sometimes the “calling forth” is for rather mundane things:
‘I hope my boss is in a good mood today,’ you might wish as you make your way to work. That is just a hope, a wish. But if you sometimes state, ‘My boss WILL be in a good mood today,’ you are attempting to affect the outcome. Will you be successful? Maybe. With a little experience and by focusing on what you want, often the outcome will be changed in your favor. Not always. But think about this: your attitude may well change the attitudes of others; and by focusing on what you can change, you may change what others do.

But what if I told you that you have the power to attract? No, I’m not talking about The Secret or the laws of attraction, but it is more or less the same idea. The chief difference is realizing that focusing on the wrong things can have an unintended outcome.

Before I go into that, let me tell you one thing: I’m an excellent attractor. And I’m learning to get better at it. Many years ago I realized I could make important and sweeping changes in my life by applying the proper focus on what I wanted. The changes required me to take action – this was not a passive thing, where a ‘genie’ popped from an ancient lantern and made things happen at my command. No, it required being ready to take appropriate action when opportunities arise. The real trick is knowing when to accept or instead, reject the opportunity. And you don’t need a genie. All you have to do is ask. First caveat: Be careful what you ask for.

Years ago, I conjured a cat. My cat had died, and I was very sad about it. After several months, I realized I wanted and needed a kitten to raise. Unlike other cats I had owned before, I wanted a house cat who didn’t sleep outside and was my best friend. That is how I visualized it. I also wanted ONE cat, but I didn’t visualize it that way. Instead, I thought about all the cats out there, in the world, and realized that I wanted them to know that I was looking for them, and for them to come. Then I sat back and waited. Today I have three cats, but I’ve had to turn down dozens more. The first cat, Regis, came as a tiny kitten, five weeks old, covered in mud and blood and rain, infested with fleas. I cleaned him up, got him his shots, nursed him through an eye surgery and a life-threatening infection, and made him mine. Today we are more or less inseparable, and he depends on me for everything. He weighs about 30 pounds and has fangs that hang down past his lower lips. If he were a child, Regis would be a big, fat Momma’s Boy with tats and wearing leather. I love this cat. But I should have thought it out more. Regis showed up two weeks after the conjuring. But there is not a time limit for the attraction. At some point, you have to consciously ‘turn it off’ or it will keep coming. The next year, I inherited my sister’s cat, Annabelle – she came to me all the way from Texas because I was open to it. On a plane, even. A year later, my farm had suddenly turned into a cat sanctuary – all the cats without homes from miles around came and lived in our barn. We had so many cats out there they didn’t even crossbreed. By this time, I was accepting that all these cats were to stay out in the barn. My late husband, Larry, fed them without complaint. And that was strange. Then after my Larry died in 2012, I stopped feeding them and they began to disperse. One, however, didn’t leave. Fantine came to the door, meowing loudly. I ignored her. She kept coming. Finally, concerned that this cat must have a problem, because she was essentially yelling at me to open the door, I did. Fantine was pregnant, so I became the proud owner of a cat whose kittens were a concern. Long story: she had an emergency C-section, lost the kittens, moved in with my mother and then back to me, and now we have three. Then it finally hit me: the cat thing was because of my conjuring and I needed to provide an antidote. That is when I visualized the cat sanctuary closing its doors – don’t come here, I don’t want another cat. And the assault was over.

So turning it off and on is important. And you need to be careful to be very specific. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are more likely to get it if you aren’t specific.

Does this mean you can conjure anything? No. Not at all. Some things we weren’t meant to have, or it is impossible to have. You really should not try to ask for specific people to fall in love with you, or for you to win at gambling. You have no power over other people like that, and if you did, I wouldn’t want to know you. All you can do in that instance is to make yourself available and be there in case the other person is so inclined to fall in love with you. Love is very complicated. Gambling is, also. You are dealing not with a person, but a slot machine. A MACHINE. Or you are playing at a table with other PEOPLE, and you know what I said about people. With money and with love, there is always a quid pro quo. These things come with consequences.
A far better move is to actually visualize how you want your life to be. Again, be specific. It may take some time, but with proper focusing, you can change your life and the lives of those around you, all for the better.

It is also true that wishing evil things to others will backfire, and could cause you more grief in the end than you ever imagined. But if you have a positive vision, and are able to focus carefully, your future can be bright.

Have a blessed day!

Snow Again????


But they say this may be our last snowstorm. We have about three inches on the ground and that is probably all we are going to get, which would make me supremely happy.

In the meantime, just keeping the dogs out of the snow is a challenge.

I have cabin fever. How about you?

OK, I’m Back


I know you were worried about me, but no need. In December of 2013, I married the best husband on the planet (sorry, girls) and moved permanently to Crane, Mo. So, I no longer live on a farm, but I’m definitely “far out,” and realize that you can take the girl off the farm, but not the farm off the girl. So – the name stays. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the site now, but it will probably contain more of the same. So, sit back, tighten your seat belts, and get ready. An election year is coming up, and I’m feeling feisty.

There is much going on here in Crane. For those unfamiliar with Crane, Mo., let me enlighten you. The sign on Hwy. 413 claims it is the “Neatest Little Town in Missouri.”

I tend to agree. Crane reminds me of my old home town, Noel, Mo., in McDonald County. It has a river, and it has a train. The town is a slice of Americana, complete with apple pie, plus a pool. My house even looks down into the town and the pool, so I can see a lot of action from my back deck. The animals and I enjoy the view. Mike and Heather and I have seven animals: dogs are Pippa the Pit Bull, Sophie the bichon, Allie Mae the miniature schnauzer, and Shiloh Moon, the bichon. Pippa looks ferocious but is a sweetheart, even if the neighbors are wary. Shiloh looks like a sweetheart, but watch out. Cats: Regis, a 30-pound male orange tabby, Annabelle, a 10-pound (maybe) female grey and white tabby, and Fantine, a tortoise-shell female with a bitten ear. All have been neutered, and all have had their shots. They kind of run the place, but I have been successful in getting them somewhat civilized. Well, with help. We are animal people. When visitors arrive at the front door, all hell breaks loose, and it is rather unsettling at first for most.

My main job right now is taking care of the house. We live in a two-story, walkout basement house on four lots. The yard needs lots of work. None of us are good at that around here, so it looks like I am going to need to bone up on my landscaping skills. One time long, long ago, I actually won a landscaping award. But I was only 12 years old. Things have changed. Probably much of this blog will center on my efforts in that regard.

Mike is an accountant here in town. Right now is his busiest time of the year, and he works seven days a week. Starting the end of April, he will begin taking Fridays and weekends off, and I’m looking forward to having his help with the yard. Don’t laugh.

Well, that is enough for now, dear readers. I look forward to seeing you here later.