Won’t be Far Out on the Farm for long. . .


Dear Readers:

It is with great pleasure that I announce my upcoming wedding to Michael Kaup, of Crane, Mo. We plan to be married on December 21, 2013, at 11 AM, at the Marionville United Methodist Church. I will be moving to Crane a few weeks before that date. Mike and I are like kids, planning our wedding and getting excited. And our daughters, Desara and  Heather, are also excited and helping us plan. 

The last two years have been challenging for both of us. His wife, Vera, died in December, 2011; my husband, Larry, died in January of 2012. But today we both look forward to a wonderful future together, and are grateful to have found each other. I won’t be living on a farm much longer. At that time, however,  I will continue my blog and will probably change the name. The website will remain as “faroutfarm.me” for the meanwhile, and only the appearance of the blog will be changing. Look forward, with me, to more exciting posts that are more frequent and chronicle my new life. And thank you for your good wishes.

Brenda Kilby 

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