Getting used to my CPAP machine


Pretty scary, huh?

It happens to all of us at some time or another.

We get old. And we get stuff. Like sleep apnea. I have been told by several people that I rivaled a freight train at night, and would wake the dead. So, I did the hard thing and got tested, and now I’m a proud owner of a CPAP machine that forces air into my mouth so I don’t stop breathing in the middle of the night and I don’t snore anymore. However, this was not an easy thing to come to.

For one thing, they are far from sexy. And I would like to be sexy, if only to my menagerie of cats and dogs. At this juncture, I’m being shunned by all of them. They wonder who that monster is in the bed with me. It makes noise, but not the usual noise. LOL.

The first night was terrible. I bought a special mask that was pretty and had leopard skin on it. I thought it looked sexy. But one hour in, I had a terrible asthma attack. So off it went. Not for me, this leopard-skinned beauty. I went back to the tried and true, the ugly but functional full face mask that did the job.

The jury is still out on how refreshed I will be in the morning. But I will keep you posted. I’m sure I would scare just about anyone with this gettup, but that is OK. My health is worth being unsexy. And besides. I do wear socks and pajamas to bed, anyway. How sexy is that?

2 thoughts on “Getting used to my CPAP machine

  1. I have had a c-pap for several years now and really like it. It does help. I am trying a new one that adjusts to drops in pressure in my breathing and increases pressure from the machine. I like that a lot. I don’t have the full face mask, but “nose pillows”, but may have to change that. Since you don’t need to be sexy when asleep, I think it will work out.

  2. LOL Is the jury still out on the c-pap machine? LOL No sexy mask? aaaawwwwwwww. Waaaaaaaaa!

    Ted has used a c-pap machine for years and now often uses it for an afternoon nap – unless he goes to sleep in his chair. After long time use, he can nap in his chair and seldom does any snoring. Apparently he feels that it is helpful as he uses it every night.

    As far as a mask is concerned, Ted does not use a full face mask. His mask has two “prongs” that fit into his nostrils that provide positive air flow. An 1/8″ elastic band around the back of his head holds it in place. Of course, he is connected to the machine by the clear plastic hose, like you have, that provides the air. He doesn’t use the heated air as he says it uses too much water and doesn’t make him more comfortable.

    Our fur kids have checked it out and then mostly ignored it. Jenna Dog and Sweetie Dog (the healer girls) both find it quite interesting. They will lay on Ted’s lap after he’s gone to bed and keep creeping forward until nuzzling it. Jenna tries to taste and Ted has to move her down and then the game starts over again. LOL Scampy usually has the main laying spot so the girls don’t often get to do that. After this long time, (well over a year) they are still interested. Jenna visits Ted while Scampy is napping in the living room. Those girls are good at working things around to get what they want!

    Ted has snored forever, but if I could go to sleep before he started, I was ok. However, when he stopping breathing, it woke me out of a sound sleep. Even after the machine, he would stop breathing and I would still wake up. Any change in his regular pattern and I would wake. So I originally went to the couch and then we decided on separate rooms. We probably could use the same room now, but sometimes he reads late and sometimes I read late or go to bed late so separate rooms works better. He goes to bed any time after 8:00 pm and reads. That’s when Jenna visits! LOL

    I wish you well with your c-pap, Brenda. Dr. LIttle says that using it can lengthen a patient’s life and Ted has just turned 77 so maybe that’s true. Eventually, think about trying a smaller face mask that might be more comfortable, and less invasive, for you.



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