The downside of owning a dog


This is not my dog, but she is capable of doing this.

I love my dog, Pippa. She is sweet, protective, and strong. I hate my dog, Pippa. She is destructive, needy, and a pain in the butt.
Welcome to owning a dog.
I’ve had many dogs in my life, but Pippa is different. For one thing, she is a pit bull. I never thought I would own a pit bull, but here I am. She is housebroken, but she is destructive. Especially outside. You see, Pippa likes to be in the house, especially at night. If I don’t let her in, she finds something to tear up. One day it was my new garden hose. It looked like a monster had come into the yard, grabbed my hose, and cut it into uneven lengths. No, no monster. Just Pippa. The next thing, she got ahold of the cushion on one of my garden chairs and tore it to bits, scattering the insides all over the yard and ripping the fabric into bits. It took me some time to clean it up. She also chewed the seat off of my Healthrider. And, now the holes. It looks like a miner has been digging for gold in my yard, or perhaps drilling for oil. No, just Pippa.
What to do? I have no idea. I have bought her numerous dog toys, and each one is now in bits. Little bits. And if she gets a chance, she will chew the legs off my wooden chairs.
Pippa is bad. But I love her. I’m hoping when she gets past the puppy stage, she will not be so destructive.

3 thoughts on “The downside of owning a dog

  1. I think she will. For one thing, she needs a lot of attention, and I’m gone all day at work. And at night, I’ve been keeping her outside because I’m too tired to deal with it. So it is my fault. Now that the colder weather is here, she will be coming in at night. So that should stop the bad behavior.

  2. Yeah, sounds like how Chester was, but he wasn’t quite that destructive. How old is she, again? Is she two yrs old, yet? It seems like when they get a little older, it gets better, but Chester still digs holes.

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