That’s what friends are for…

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Yesterday,  at the end of my financial and patience rope, I asked for prayers on Facebook. I know that sounds rather unlike me, I do feel that the prayers of others can help. I’m a horrible manager of money. And I never have a reserve built up to deal with life’s great gifts of sorrow. Like water line breaks. Three months ago I had a brilliant idea: I would bring up the rural water to my house so I would have a backup for my well, because i ran the well dry last summer when I left it on for an hour. That scared me.

OK, so I got the water brought up and I thought all was well. Then the dam broke.
What happened? I heard water pouring like Niagara Falls down below my sink. No water in the house, thank goodness, but water everywhere.
So I had to call my guy to come back and check. He did, and found some leaks and fixed them. But the water kept pouring. So I called again, and this time he thought maybe a pressure regulator would be a good idea. Yeah, great idea. I had 100 pounds of pressure. Then yesterday, the leak was still with me, only worse. It was pouring up out of the ground, like a waterfall, down below my house.
Today a different guy spent five hours isolating the leaks, and turning down the pressure regulator to a decent stream. Tomorrow he comes back to finish. And it isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg, so one prayer has been answered.
I’m still broke, but i’m working it all out. And now, checking my Facebook page, I have all this outpouring of love and concern from friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for ages. I love my friends. They keep me sane.
And that is what friends are for! Thanks, all of you. You have blessed me with your thoughts and prayers.

The downside of owning a dog


This is not my dog, but she is capable of doing this.

I love my dog, Pippa. She is sweet, protective, and strong. I hate my dog, Pippa. She is destructive, needy, and a pain in the butt.
Welcome to owning a dog.
I’ve had many dogs in my life, but Pippa is different. For one thing, she is a pit bull. I never thought I would own a pit bull, but here I am. She is housebroken, but she is destructive. Especially outside. You see, Pippa likes to be in the house, especially at night. If I don’t let her in, she finds something to tear up. One day it was my new garden hose. It looked like a monster had come into the yard, grabbed my hose, and cut it into uneven lengths. No, no monster. Just Pippa. The next thing, she got ahold of the cushion on one of my garden chairs and tore it to bits, scattering the insides all over the yard and ripping the fabric into bits. It took me some time to clean it up. She also chewed the seat off of my Healthrider. And, now the holes. It looks like a miner has been digging for gold in my yard, or perhaps drilling for oil. No, just Pippa.
What to do? I have no idea. I have bought her numerous dog toys, and each one is now in bits. Little bits. And if she gets a chance, she will chew the legs off my wooden chairs.
Pippa is bad. But I love her. I’m hoping when she gets past the puppy stage, she will not be so destructive.