Familial political polarity and other tongue twisters


ImageOh, Gawd. It’s that time again, for politics to rear its ugly head and my family life to become more complicated than a transvestite circus wardrobe closet.  My family is very polarized, politically. You might say we are bipolitical. Which is close to being bipolar. It drives me mad.

When I was growing up, I was very interested in politics. I can remember many discussions over the dinner table. And I would like to say more about this, but my family wishes I wouldn’t, so I’ve self-censored this portion of my post. Perhaps I have socialist leanings – no, definitely I have socialist leanings. And it doesn’t bother me. Pink is my favorite color.

I have three sisters, one of whom is now gone, bless her soul. And she was a good Democrat, and so is my older sister. My youngest sister is not all that political, but she definitely leans to the right. Which is understandable, because she is a business woman and a very good one. So I forgive her. My three brothers are all out right wingers. And they are loudly vocal about it. They have been known to harangue us for hours with their views.

When George the Second was selected (you notice I am not bitter) in 2000, I was pretty steamed. In Paris, in 2003 I marched with Americans Against the War from the Bastille to the Chatelet, proudly. And my family fumed. I was anti-American. I was a traitor. I was Ok with that. When Obama was elected in a landslide in 2008, I was vindicated, even though I had really wanted Hillary to get the nod.  And I’m voting for him in November. Yes, I’m a left-wing liberal, a proud watcher of the Newsroom and a member of the Democratic Underground.  We were going to have a family get-together, but politics reared its ugly head and the Republicans amongst us decided they couldn’t come around the Democrats.

The problem? People who are polarized about their politics aren’t willing to hear the other side of the issue. I am trying not to be like that. I’m putting my efforts into being a citizen of the world, and not a die-hard anything. The truth is, we are all in this together, and we will either hang together or separately. OK, not my quote. I borrowed that. But you get the gist.

3 thoughts on “Familial political polarity and other tongue twisters

  1. so – you are a left-wing nut. I love you anyway . . . Can your family do any less?

    That’s what families are for: to tear you apart within the family and fight to the death to protect you from the outside world. And they can start with me, as my politics are directly opposite yours. Politics is not all there is in this world, and as such does not determine the bedrock of our friendship. I say that if you do not love this country the way our founding father’s set it up, go live somewhere else. I am not, and do not wish to be, a socialist. I value my freedoms and I value those who gave some and those who gave all to insure those freedoms continue. I am an American. And damn proud of it!!

  2. Many of our forefathers and mothers had socialist leanings. That doesn’t mean we are communists or that we love the United States any less, or that we are anti-American. The beauty of our Constitution is, it is a living, breathing document that changes as we change, through court opinions, referendum, and Congressional action. The tides of politics ebb and flow. So it is important to realize there is more than enough room for many political viewpoints in America. That is really what the fight was over, in the Revolutionary War – the freedom to have differing opinions and not lose our collective heads nor be sent to jail or the gallows. By voicing my opinion, and you voicing yours, we are living out that right and those freedoms. I don’t expect my family to AGREE with me. But I would like to be tolerated, even as a crazy old auntie in the corner.

  3. well said. Fortunately, my immediate family members were Democrats, though I suspect my late brother drifted to the right as he made more money, but I forgive him for that.

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