My Great Grandmother Cates

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Margaret E. Travis Cates, C. 1885

Imagine having this woman as your mother-in-law. This was the reality for my grandmother, Eliza May Pefferly, who married Edward Cates, my grandfather. Margaret Cates was a formidable woman, as her picture shows. I of course have no memory of her, as she died when my father was still a young child. I can remember my grandmother, though, and her hatred of her mother-in-law was obvious, decades later.

I can only imagine what this woman’s life must have been like. In this picture, she is wearing traditional widow’s weeds, with the snood over her hair and the dress covering all of her body. She looks stern and unapproachable. Unfortunately, I was told as a child that I resembled her. Not so much in looks, but in spirit. That is something to ponder, indeed!

Until today, I had not seen a picture of her. But while at my  Cousin Fern’s (she was married to my father’s first cousin), we discovered the photo and she gave it to me to keep. So now I offer it to all, and say “Thanks, Fern!”

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