Cleaning house the spiritual way


ImageI’m a seeker of the light. That is how I define my religion. I was raised Methodist, but soon learned that for me, the traditional religions leave much to be desired. In this column alone, I cannot describe everything I believe in, but I can share with you a cleansing ritual I use. Ritual is important in our lives, because it gives us a way to express our emotions and to enlarge our spiritual presence. The cleansing ritual is meant to clean the slate and clear the air, and is very rewarding.

First, you need some incense. I use many different types of incense, but for cleansing I use cedar as a finisher. I begin with a sage stick, which is a bundle of dried white buffalo sage tied with string. You can buy these at most health food stores, or online. They come in various sizes. I also use white candles in my ritual, and sea salt. Before using the sage stick, prepare a bowl with sand, so the sage can be put out easily. It is also a good idea to have a container of water nearby in case anything starts to flame. Flame is not what is wanted – smoke is what is wanted.

Before doing the ritual, prepare your mind by saying a prayer to your God, and ask for protection and cleansing. State what you wish to accomplish. For example, if you wish to rid negative influences from your life, ask for that. This is a very powerful ritual that can have so many positive benefits for one’s soul. After praying, light a white candle and then dip the white sage in the flame, until it catches fire; let it burn a little, then blow out the flame on the sage. At this point, the sage should smoke. Go around your house and let the smoke fill all the rooms from corner to corner – you don’t need to have a lot of smoke – a little goes a long way. The idea is to cleanse, and think of cleansing as you do the ritual. When all the house has been smudged, then, douse the sage in the sand, and light the cedar incense in several places in your home. While that burns, take sea salt and throw it in all four corners of your house and over each threshold. Again, it doesn’t take a lot of salt. It’s the ritual here – not the amount of salt – that is important. Then douse the first white candle, and light another in a safe place, visualizing peace, serenity and protection from negativity. This ends the ritual. With the proper mindset, this cleansing ritual can be very positive and rewarding. The visualization of cleansing and protection is the important element. The ritual can be repeated any time you feel a need for cleansing.

10 thoughts on “Cleaning house the spiritual way

  1. We seem to have major catastrophes every time we do a remodel in our house. This time it’s the kitchen. We went out and purchased our first smudge stick to rid the house of bad. Is there any way that we can do this wrong?

    • Not really, but a spiritual cleanse will not guarantee that catastrophe will not strike a kitchen or any other room. It can chase away negativity, painful memories, keep dangerous people at bay, etc. But my water pipes burst this fall, and no amount of smudging would have saved them. It was a mechanical error. Good luck and keep on smudging. It can’t hurt. And at the very least, you will have the strength to make it through any mishap.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Love your information… I am going to use cedar sage and a white candel now! Anything that we can do to bring positive energy into our lives is always helpful! *Love & Light*

  3. I have sage but am wondering if that is enough or should I add the white candle and cedar. I am allergic to cedar.

    • If one ingredient is something that doesn’t agree with you or something you are allergic to, use something else. the intent is what is important here, not so much the fragrance you use. The reason certain fragrances or herbs are good for certain things is not the herb itself, but the feeling and emotion that it invokes on the person working the craft. The main thing is to get your head in the right place. And it takes time, and you should expect that it will, to get good at this. You also have to allow yourself to let go. If anyone reading this would like for met to assist them in creating a recipe for a good cleansing ritual, just let me know. There is never a charge or a fee for my assistance Just ask.

  4. Curious on your thoughts of liquid smudging sprays…I know intent is the main if not entire thing that makes cleanings work, or so that is my understanding?! Do you feel that using a spray bottle scented with sage and cedar works as well as actual smoke? And do you thing the scent needs to be authentic actual essential oils or can synthetic fragrance oils work just as well? I was always curious about the scents and if its the smell or something the oils hold as the working magic behind them. Lots in one post sorry lol. Thanks and loved reading this 🙂

    • Intent is the most important thing. If you are able to focus using the liquid, then go for it. It will work just fine. And yes, the scent is important for focusing. I also use a lot of incense for changing the atmosphere. And I buy most of mine online at

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