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No on and off switch to love?

No. But you can kill the power. You can pull the plug and render it gone.

All it takes is one lie too many, one misrepresentation on top of another,

And poof, it disappears. No toggle can restore it.

It is as though a gamma ray burst destroyed it, as if an electromagnetic pulse

Coursed through the veins of the heart and murdered it.

No capacity left.

Salt in the four corners of my heart, over the threshold, sage in the air,

Knots in the love towel, over the bridge, into the water, going down, down

Forever in the dark water, never to come up again

Impotent for eternity, that is how I see you.


One thought on “Answer to your profile

  1. The poem refers to a voodoo or black magic curse, whereby a woman can render a man impotent if she takes the towel used after making love and puts knots in it, then throws the towel in the river. The only way the man can become virile again is for the towel to be retrieved by the one who threw it in. I’m not advocating this practice – just using as a poetic convention. The salt in the four corners and the sage refer to a white magic ritual of cleansing and protection from evil, to do in one’s house. Usually white candles are lit and the four corners of the Earth are called to assist in the cleansing ritual, which is followed by burning cedar.

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