Dating again

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Nothing is more difficult than dating after a 35-year marriage, or at least so it seems. Men have not changed, and women haven’t either, but when you are older your priorities are different. Many of my single friends, widowed or divorced, have found that living alone is preferable. I am not inclined to agree. For one, I hate being alone. I love to be with people and I love to cohabit my space. Some things, though, I like about being single and living alone. For example, I can get up any time I choose without disturbing a sleeping spouse. And I can play the stereo as loud as I want, take up all the closet space, and there is nobody to mess up my neat house.
These are also the things I don’t like, though.It is eerily quiet when you live alone. My cats are silent most of the time, hanging out with me and waiting for…. who knows?
I’m not ready to talk about my dates yet. Some have been disastrous, like the man I met for coffee who immediately took as strong a dislike to me as I did to him. We couldn’t wait to pay the bill. And others have been great encounters that seemed promising but dwindled into something resembling boredom later. All in all, it has been interesting. Maybe later I’ll spill more.

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