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American goods, made in China.

National Lament
By Brenda Kilby, 2010, all rights reserved

Paycheck to paycheck, barely making do
Having to wait for things you need until way past due
The kids need shoes, the tires are bald, but you have to pay the rent
If anything extra comes your way, its already spent.

A young mother is planning out the week
Groceries and payments and children have to eat
It takes skills of a magician to make it, a treat is really rare
But showing food stamps at the checkout, people always stare

A young man stands dejectedly in the unemployment line
The check he gets won’t pay the bills, he’s already behind
But he can’t find a job though there’s a baby on the way
And the senator on TV says the rich shouldn’t have to pay.

We were the richest country but the laws bless avarice.
Corporations want more profits, and our workers pay the price
Goods made in the USA are few, and our tax base is in decay.
The jobs went somewhere else, and the tax money went away.

The truth is, the ones who care don’t really have a voice.
And the ones who have the money don’t know or care they have a choice.
Our lawmakers could change things, but lack the courage to make a stand,
Put tariffs on overseas products and bring the jobs back to our land.

It’s hard to find your bootstraps when you’re already down
Talk is cheap and blame the poor is the best game in town
Instead, count your blessings, and give it some thought.
It could be you tomorrow, who’s writing this song.

In this, the “country God made,” we set the precedent
And legislators look to re-election, no matter they were sent
To speak for all of us who struggle through the week
Is this the way you really want your country to be?

Note: the next time you make fun of what someone puts in their cart at the checkout and they are using food stamps, think about it. Put yourself in their shoes. And then look at your cart, and imagine what the person behind you might think.

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