How I vote is my business

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Recently I was accused of saying something on Facebook that I never said. What’s really unsettling is, I have been cautious to guard my true feelings about some of the political action in my home county. There’s quite a bit that COULD have been said, but never was, about how certain groups have dominated local boards and positions, and that maybe that was not the best for us. But say anything? No way. I’m a firm believer in letting the electorate have its way. If people vote against my wishes, and they win, so be it. It is the will of the people. When people win elections, there’s nothing to be done but accept it until the next election. Recently we had an election in this county, and how I voted is my business. I don’t care how you voted, and how I voted is none of your concern. But people who run for public office should be able to take whatever comes their way. When you thrust yourself into the public limelight, you are fair game. As Harry Truman said, “If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
It’s no secret that I’m a Democrat, and a liberal. I’ve never hidden that. But I also have a high respect for anyone who serves in a public capacity, and is willing to put themselves on the political chopping block to do so; my personal feelings are that it is a shame that many local service jobs are political, and that a person is forced to run for re-election every two to four years to keep it, especially when it pays very little. A better way should be found to keep good people in public service, and not to bankrupt them with forcing to shell out big bucks and time to keep their jobs. The public is fickle and we know, from history and the Bible, that mobs are not to be trusted. (Give us Barabbas, for example.)
In this last election, there was a lot of action going on in one political party in particular. Apparently, emotions ran high. But I had no part in it, except for one little vote. And I’m not telling how I voted, because that is my privilege. I’m not in the public limelight and I don’t choose to take part in this drama. But for those who are, or who have friends and relatives who do, here’s some advice: If the pressure is too much for you, or you find it difficult to go through the political process without suffering extreme angst and pain and misery, perhaps you should remove yourself from the competition. Leave it to someone who can and get the heck out of the kitchen.

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