Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Amy Winehouse needs to lather, rinse, repeat….

These were the instructions on the shampoo bottle. Much has been written about these instructions. Ben Cheever even wrote a book, “The Plagiarist,” where an advertising executive adds these instructions to the shampoo so that it will sell more of the product. The truth is, today we don’t really need to repeat much. Once will usually do it. I’m old enough to remember when we needed to repeat. It used to be that Americans didn’t wash their hair but about once a week. Now we take showers more often. The French have been slow to take to this practice, but today they even take showers more often. Loreal made a great shampoo that you could buy here and in France, and it really cleaned your hair, I mean squeaky clean. Today they have changed the formula. You might be able to buy it in France, but you can’t get it here anymore, at least not at Wal-Mart.

But let’s go back to “lather, rinse, repeat.” This phrase is often used comically, to indicate a never ending cycle. August in the Ozarks is kind of like that, when it comes to watering the garden.

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