Time for a Mac County Rattlesnake!


The other day in a bar, I saw a sign advertising “Rattlesnakes for $3” and talked Larry into buying me one. I was tired of margaritas. It was rather strong, but I kind of liked it.

“What’s in this?” I asked the surly male bartender, who was obviously not in the mood for small talk. “Blackberry brandy, Southern Comfort and sweet and sour mix,” he said, and went back to wiping the bar with a towel.
I can improve on this, I thought. Many years ago I was a bartender, and a good one. (But I was probably just as surly, especially if the woman’s husband had neglected to give me a tip.)
So here’s the recipe, brought to you from me, an old bartender — no tip necessary, but if you have a variant, please post.
One jigger Southern Comfort
Two jiggers Blackberry WINE (brandy is too strong for my taste).
One cup of Sam’s Diet Mountain Lightning (you can add regular if you have to, or use Mountain Dew, or you can be really industrious and use the juice of a whole lemon plus some simple syrup to sweeten it up.)
Shake it with crushed ice in a shaker, and pour in a glass.  If you really have a sweet tooth, run a lemon around the rim and frost with sugar. Makes two.

3 thoughts on “Time for a Mac County Rattlesnake!

  1. Well, it has a “bite.” Which is why they call it the Rattlesnake. I took out some of the bite when I adjusted it from brandy to wine, added the Mountain Lightning instead of the sweet and sour (and added more than he did). ….
    I’m a lightweight in this department. I need to get a better liver. LOL

  2. Here’s a variation I like even better; in fact, I’m having one now: instead of Southern Comfort, which has a higher glycemic index than I care to drink, I use gin. It is smoother and more refreshing. And delicious!

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