How did I ever live without my iPod Touch®?


iphoneOK, this is not a commercial, but I feel it necessary to say this: I honestly do not know how I ever managed my life before the iPod Touch®. Probably others with iPhones®, Blackberrys®, Palm Pilots® and similar PDAs can relate, but having that much technology in your hand is amazing. One thing I wish my iPod had, and it doesn’t, is the ability to connect with the web without having a hotspot around. But even at that, it is a blessing. Most of the time I’m near a hot spot, so it doesn’t matter.

Here are the things I love about my iPod:

  • I no longer have to lug my laptop everywhere; I can check my email, get my Tweets®, Facebook® updates and more, all from the iPod.
  • The iPod has all these applications that I never realized I needed before. And some of them work better with the iPod than they do on the laptop – for example, the Weatherbug® application has a radar map on it that allows you to zoom in almost to the street level, so you can actually see the weather as it approaches your neighborhood. This is way cool.
  • I love my Swiss Army Knife® application, which includes a flashlight. Now I never have to fumble in the dark to put the key in the door when I come home late at night. And, I use the flashlight to get to the door in the dark (we never leave the porch light on because that would require foresight, duh) and not stumble on the steps. A reasonable person would put a motion sensor on a light there, but we are far from reasonable. LOL.
  • The Kindle® application, which is free, is a Godsend. I crave a real Kindle®, but until that day comes, I can make do with the smaller screen on my iPod® and read best sellers for only $9.99. And all the free books, too. Because I take my iPod® everywhere, I have books wherever I go. A lovely feature of the Kindle® is the sample. One can download samples of every book and read a little of it to see if you want to buy it. Depending on the book you can read as much as three or four chapters this way. And I know you can do this online, but the Kindle® samples are longer.
  • Lexulous®, my Scrabble®-like game, is also an application on the iPod®. I also have games that don’t require an Internet connection, such as Blackjack and some casino-type games, but I also have Live Poker from Zynga®, which is an Internet application.
  • All my songs fit on my iPod. All of them. And I only have the 16G version.
  • I bought a $20 app that allows me to use all my MS Office apps on the iPod, meaning I can open all the docs I need.
  • I have my mobile iDisk on my iPod without having to go online to retrieve it. It is automatically updated when I plug it in to the laptop to charge.
  • My Quicken® application will show me my current bank balance, savings balance, and credit card balance. Sometimes this is TMI, but it is still nice to have.

I bought my iPod® earlier this summer, and it has already given me much back in service and convenience. I didn’t buy an iPhone because my service, US Cellular, is not covered by iPhone, which is currently only available to AT &T and Verizon customers. Also, I don’t need another bill every month. So, while this is not an advertisement, it is an endorsement. The palm-sized computing era is here, whether we like it or not; I suggest that everyone who wants to keep up with technology, get on board.

2 thoughts on “How did I ever live without my iPod Touch®?

  1. I’ve got to get current. All mine does is play music. What kind of fee do you pay for the Internet access? Will my old eyes be able to see everything – and to read off of that small screen?


  2. No fee. All you pay for is the iPod, and then you hit the hot spots. For example, at work, in libraries, etc. And just about everywhere today is wireless – I am, at home, for example. But if I don’t know if one is around, I use my app – wififofum (really!) and it finds one for me – if there is a wireless connection and it is unlocked, I can connect. If it is locked, say, and I am in a business, I will ask for the unlock code – they almost always give it. I estimate that soon we will all live in a wireless world. Way cool, huh?

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