Spring is here!



Another view of the Mallards and the Goose

Another view of the Mallards and the Goose

I’ve been away from blogging for a few days, as I worked on some school assignments and took care of chores. Last weekend I went down to the field and took some fresh photos; you will notice I have a new header picture, with two Mallards and a Goose. The geese and ducks are all mating, and it is very noisy down there. We also have a new crop of baby froglets and more minnows than you can shake a seine at.A few cows
Geese landing on the pond.cute calfAnother cutie.the pond is fullThe farm

3 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. You have such a beautiful farm! The cattle look sleek and healthy & the birds are fun to watch. Great photos. Even though we are going vegetarian for a while, still like meat & miss it. No harm intended for ranchers, especially the ones who produce free-range cattle. There is room for all kinds of diet choices.

  2. Thanks! Nothing wrong with going vegetarian, just not sure I could ever do it. Please blog a lot about your new way of eating, etc. Love to read it.

  3. I agree your farm is very pretty! I grew up on a farm and this makes me miss home. One bad thing about dorm life, you dont get any of that outdoors, living in the country feeling that I had come to love. Living on your own is nice I’m not complaining about that , but every now and then i crave a quiet field instead of the asphalt and busy streets that come with living in town!

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