Missouri waits for stimulus funds and they're already fighting over it.


missouri12-07aWhen I say “they’re,” I’m referring to the bunch in Jefferson City who are supposed to look out for the people’s interests. Instead, what I’m seeing is that they are looking out for two things:

1. Their re-election efforts

2. Big business’ interests

Where did the people go? Don’t ask me. Ask Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, Mo. Sen. Gary Nodler, and other Republican members of the legislature, who are threatening to turn away much of the stimulus money the Obama administration has offered to our state. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder is leading the charge, claiming that accepting the stimulus money for unemployment claims would be a “tax hike” to employers, and reward people who are not eligible presently in Missouri for unemployment compensation. This includes those who are temporary workers and those who are “at fault” for losing their job.

OK. Lets talk about this. Temporary workers? The problem with this is, many businesses have gone to employing “temps,” rather than hiring people outright. The protection to the employer is a reduction in unemployment compensation insurance. They don’t have to pay it presently. And they don’t have to give benefits to these temporary workers. When jobs are scarce, this is an attractive tool to employers, who use temps as a way to get out of paying their share of the burden for people who are, in essence, working for them, but “not really,” because they are just temps. I know several such people. It is a travesty, already, that these workers are not treated as “real.” When they fall through the system’s cracks, it makes the rest of us pick up the tab so businesses can prosper. 

2. At fault: what this truly means is, an employer can claim you did something horrible and get rid of you in that regard, and refuse to pay unemployment compensation. Now, if someone commits a crime, I can see that. But most of the time it is the employer looking for a loophole to save their bucks. 

Fact: The whole issue is a scam on the public. The Republican right wing in Missouri is trying to scam the voters into believing their rhetoric. What I would like to see is someone with the cojones to lay out the other sides of this argument publicly, and then I would like to see the local newspapers, like our local McDonald County papers, print it. Yes, right alongside Marilyn Ruestman’s leglislative report, which is really just a rehash of the GOP crap she feeds everyone who will listen. My question to her is, when did you ever do anything for McDonald County that wasn’t a calculated effort for your re-election, or your seeking another high office later? If you can prove it, Marilyn, send me the goods. 

If Missouri is not able to take part in the national stimulus package because of all this posturing, I certainly hope that the fault is put on these people, beginning with Kinder and all the way down to Ruestman. And when Missouri is totally broke and there is no money for schools, bridges and infrastructure, and the coffers are empty, we will know whom to blame.

3 thoughts on “Missouri waits for stimulus funds and they're already fighting over it.

  1. On the local level I noticed that the elected officials quoted in last week’s local paper about the stimulus were hoping to get up to the trough to spend stimulus money but I’d be willing to bet that not a single one of them supports the current national government or voted for Obama. In my opinion, there is lots of work to be done to make life better in McDonald County, but creating overlapping departments to keep favorites well fed while cutting worth while programs like public health is a travesty.

  2. For those reading the blog, the above-posting-Marilyn is NOT Marilyn Ruestman, but a true friend of mine and a friend of McDonald County, unlike our representative in Jeff City.

  3. I hear you on the employment issue. I believed that my position was more than temporary until my hours started dwindling. And dwindling. And then disappeared. Instead of making up a reason to fire me, my employer just strangled the hours out of my schedule, forcing me to leave. It sucks majorly.

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