Happy Valentine's Day


about-usThis morning I realized I hadn’t posted in several days, and missed my chance to talk about Friday the 13th. But here it is, Saturday and Valentine’s Day, so have a great day everyone! The graphic on the left was a free download from this site: http://www.stvalentinesday.org/valentines-day-pictures.html
Valentine’s Day is special in the Kilby household. This was the day Larry asked me to marry him, in 1977. My wedding diamond is shaped like a heart, and Valentine’s Day always seems, to us, to be a more important date than our anniversary, March 4. After 32 years, though, we don’t feel the need to buy each other elaborate gifts or plan exciting nights out. Truth is, we don’t enjoy nights out like we used to, and we don’t need to buy each other a gift to prove our love. We show it in so many other ways that are more important.
But I have enjoyed watching my students, over the years, as they celebrate holidays, and I think they enjoy February 14th as much as any holiday. Even the guys get into the act, which I find amusing. Everybody loves a day where love is celebrated.
In our family, the Cates family, we also have some notable dates around this time. My father was born on February 15, so every Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder of what would be his birthday. Tomorrow he would have been 95 years old. My nephew, Craig, was born on February 13, so on Thursday he was 32. Happy Birthday, Craig!
Today I’m still recovering from the flu, and even though I was at work the last two days, we will be staying close to home.

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