Super Bowl Soup!

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Not really — just plain old beef soup. But since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I’d embellish the blog a bit. Today it is warmer than it has been, but for some reason we feel chilled. So Larry asked me to make a pot of beef soup, using some left over beef from the other night when we made chicken fried steak. We have our own beef, of course, living on a cattle farm. It is lean and organic – nice stuff. I decided that I would make a pan of cornbread to go with the soup, and brownies for dessert.


Here's the beef!


First we make stock. I had a bone that was on the sirloin steak we were using for this soup, and I cut it off and browned it with the onion (leave the onion skin because it makes the color of the broth nice.) I also added a part of a tomato, some garlic, and bay leaf, cardamom, allspice, pepper, red pepper and salt.After three hours, I strain out the used up vegetables and bone, and I'm left with a good two cups of good stock.


A few of the vegetables I'm adding to the finished stock. I also add frozen peas and corn.


The finished soup! I browned the meat and another onion, put in the stock, added the veggies, and let it cook under an hour.


I used my mother's cornbread recipe; it is from Good Housekeeping cookbook (the old one); I use buttermilk instead of milk and double the recipe for the skillet.


The brownies are Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate, with pecans. They are rather decadent.


Here we go - the final product.

Here we go - the final product.

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