Rod & Ted & Rudy & Alice


OK, a rant. The news this morning is upsetting. First, we have Ted Haggard, the preacher, who has come out of the multi-sexual closet and announced that he is such a pervert, he doesn’t actually “fit into any of the boxes” we have for sexual preference. I say, “Who Cares?” I personally don’t have a problem with anyone being gay. But being gay and lying about it to your wife, your congregation and to the world, while you cash in on a lucrative career as an evangelist who preaches against being gay, now that is pretty close to being hypocritical.
So why is he all over the news today? Don’t we have other things to concern us? This morning Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and Bush apologist, came on TV to berate the President (the current one, Obama) for his derision of the $18 Billion in Wall Street bonuses the bankers there awarded themselves for 2008. I’m with Obama, but Rudy says, “Hey, we count on this money,” meaning New York needs to have it in the coffers so they can operate. I see. So it is important for Wall Street bankers to have lots of extra cash so they can pay for whatever, and eat at Tavern on The Green, and commute back and forth to the Hamptons in their helicopters, and etc., or the New York economy will collapse. Why does this sound so bogus to me? Maybe I’m just jealous that I don’t have a Heliport outside to whisk me away to  Joplin and Fayetteville daily. (Actually, that would be rather nice.)
 And now we are forced to listen to more flashbacks of Rod Blagojevich’s last days as Illinois’ governor, since he was impeached yesterday. Yawn. Personally, I’m much more into American Idol. And what is with Simon, anyway? Have you noticed that some of those girls he is sending to Hollywood are simply just cute and really can’t sing? Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Rod & Ted & Rudy & Alice

  1. I thought Simon was gay also. Maybe he & Ted should meet.

    As to the Wall Street bonuses. I thought a bonus was for excellent work, not being bone headed. Those dolts drove their companies into the ground & we get to pay for it. As for the weak excuse that they “need to keep their good people” who won’t stay without the bonuses? So what. They wouldn’t be losing any rocket scientists. Just the greediest.

    • He’s not gay, just very British. I understand that Simon Cowell is actually rather loose with his morals, but that may just be rumor. In any case, from his reactions to women, he is very, very hetero.

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