Stir Crazy


No, not the movie with Richard Pryor. I’m going crazy here at home, and so is Larry. We were watching the travel channel and saw this show about the original Buffalo Wings (some restuarant in Buffalo) and now want some. We have none. Will we go to town this evening for some? Can you spell where-are-the-keys?

2 thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. We thought better of it. So I’m fixing from our freezer, and our well-stocked fridge, chicken fajitas. No guacamole, but we can live without it. Live, actually, could be the operative word.

  2. Now I understand why the Donner Party ate their own. LOL.
    My poor husband has been cooped up with me since Saturday. We are out of nice things to say to each other. It ‘s a testament to his good nature that we are not going to Jackson tomorrow!

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