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Well, folks, I live in McDonald County, and we are apparently getting the worst of it here.
I keep telling myself that we will be OK, we won’t have a power outage, and everything will get back to normal in a couple of days. After all, I say, we had enough damaging ice storms in the last two years to almost ensure that the trees around the lines are trimmed (I think most of them were lost to the storms, actually.)
We remember standing on the back porch listening to the cracking of the trees as they fell, one by one, in the timber. This was in the winter of 2007. And again in December, 2007, another ice storm came that stopped final exams in their tracks before they began and ended the semester early.
Larry and I are troopers. We have been through these ice storms before, and 2 weeks of no power. We can do it. We just don’t want to. That is why in 2007 we bought a generator. If all else fails, we can power the blowers on the fireplace, the TV and the modem, and the water pump. We aren’t equipped for the whole house hookup, which would require us to redo a bunch of our wiring on this old house. But we are used to roughing it.
When we were kids, we didn’t have indoor plumbing always. We know how to take baths in a basin, with a washcloth. We know how to make it with portable lights. Lets just hope we don’t have to.

This morning I was ill and unable to travel, and as a result I was home when the storm hit.  If I had gone to school, I would have been coming home around 2 p.m. South of Neosho around that time, a woman lost control on the highway, crossed over into the grassy median, and flipped her car. She didn’t survive, and this has been bothering me all evening. This could easily have been me. I’m so grateful that I was home, but I feel just terrible about the woman who died. She was probably on her way home from work, concerned about the weather.  The highways are covered with ice, according to news reports, and not likely to be passable for a day or two.

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