We who are about to be snowed (iced) in salute you


It’s Saturday, and I’m enjoying the winter sun. The sky is that color of watercolor blue that only winter can produce during a January high pressure zone, but it is cold outside – 22 degrees at high noon. All the better to stay inside, do light housework, grade papers and study, right? 

The forecast on my Weatherbug® says we are in for it beginning on Monday, when a 50 percent of “frozen mix” is headed our way. Ditto on Tuesday and Wednesday. So we may be about to get hammered. Part of me says “Yes! Snow Day!” and part of me says “No, not again, please.” In 2007 and 2008, we had more than our share of bad weather around here. Three or four ice storms, several tornadoes, and floods. An uneventful year, weather-wise, would be appreciated.

7 thoughts on “We who are about to be snowed (iced) in salute you

  1. We salute you back. We are battening down the hatches around here – a load of wood is being delivered as we write in case the predicted freezing rain knocks out the electricity. We do have a generator for lights & such as well as several oil and battery powered lamps – fruits of experience in recent years. Also collecting a little extra water as the well pump may not work either. Plenty of food on hand for a 2-3 day forced confinement. Like you, part of me would welcome a snow day. Nice to have an unexpected day off from routine.

  2. Ah. Yes, the blesséd generator. We bought one of those in 2007, when the ice storms came and we were out of power for two weeks. I can take a lot, but sooner or later, I have to have my Internet. So there we were, freezing to death more or less, but we had TV and the Internet, and then at 11 p.m. every night, we shuttered it down until the morning.

  3. I’m in your 11:00 class on TTh. It’s very chilly outside today! We walked out of practice (I’m on the softball team) and almost fell because it’s starting to get icy already. I would love to have no classes tomorrow, too! All the more time to study for upcoming tests. The only thing I’m worried for is no power! What do we do when there’s no technology available?!?!

    • When there’s no technology available you just do whatever you can. For example, read a good book. Take advantage of the fact you have no technology and do something else.

  4. I am in your 10:00 a.m. class on MWF. I tell you what; I am not a winter person. I love the fall, but when December rolls around I start wishing I was a bear so that I could go into hibernation. The roads are dreadful, and the drivers are worse. I about skidded off of the road a few times today and nobody seemed to be slowing down. I cannot wait for this to pass.

  5. Hi there! I’m also in your 11:00 class on TTh. I would love to have a “snow day” tomorrow so that I could study, read and rest (especially rest). 🙂 Well I better go. Have a good day tomorrow whether we have class or not, and be sure to drive safely!

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