Happy New Year and Make those Resolutions


This morning we are spending at Mom’s house in Neosho, Mo., after spending a fun New Year’s Eve with Mom and Fred. We had crab and prime rib, and lots of wine and egg nog.
Last year we started a new tradition, which was to write out our resolutions and put them in individual envelopes, and wait until next year to see how you did.
We did this this morning because we were all wimps last night and went to bed early. So this morning at breakfast we filled out new resolutions (nobody gets to see what you wrote) and then sealed them and put them in a basket. Only then were we able to open our envelope from last year. I did pretty well. My 2008 resolutions were more or less attempted. For 2009 I have made more realistic goals. We will see.
Happy 2009, everyone! Let’s hope everyone has a great year.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Make those Resolutions

  1. I really like your familys idea on writing out the resolutions. My family does something similar every December during Christmas break. We each fill out a paper stating where we spent the holidays, who we spent them with, the best gift you recieved for Christmas, and a new years resolution. Then we fold them up and dont look at them until next year. I think that its a fun activity to do with the family around the holidays and its quality time spent together. If you’re bored theres funny video on youtube singing about new years resolutions:

    Tyler Freeze
    Oral Comm 100

  2. Thanks, Tyler! We just starting doing this last year, and although we were too tired to party much this year, everybody wanted to do those resolutions! It was fun. Thanks for the video link. See you in class!

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