OK, Kids – fasten your seatbelts. It's time for my annual New Year's Predictions for 2009!!!


I’ve been posting predictions for years, but now that I have a blog, I can put them here. I don’t have a track record, and I don’t pretend to be some seer who can peer into the future. I am, however, good at reading people (because of my jobs as a teacher and salesperson) and I can predict trends, etc. There may also be a few predictions that are things that popped into my head as I was writing this, and some are from my study of astrology, which is something I know most of my friends laugh at. Go ahead! I don’t care! Take them for what I intend them to be – fun prognostications that are meant to be entertainment. And I love making predictions. So read and enjoy but don’t bet the farm on any of them. (But if you do, and you win large sums of money, we may have to talk, LOL)

The Chart

1. If 2009 had a theme song, it would be “Taking Care of Business.”  I cast a chart for the New Year, based on my own idea of when the chart should be cast – and I’m interpreting it in a mundane way. The astrological chart I cast for one minute after midnight on New Year’s Day is notable because all the planets but Saturn are located in the bottom of the chart, clustered together as though hunkering down for the winter. And in a way, they are.  Several are in dour Capricorn, but hopeful Aquarius and peaceful Pisces also gets a few. But Saturn is in Virgo in the 12th house of this horary chart, meaning secrets are about to be uprooted and some hard lessons will be learned by those who stood by and allowed the Bush regime to raid the treasury for eight years. I see some jail time for a few people, but none of them will be famous folks. The fall guys will be the “soldiers,” or peons in the organization. It is unfortunate, but true, that when you are rich and powerful you can pin the tail on any donkey you choose. I just hope the “donkey” is more of an elephant, in this case. (If you want to know more about horary astrology, or mundane astrology, which is what I am actually doing here, here’s a few links:

Another interesting thing about Saturn is that it is opposite many of the 2009 planets, in such a way that it resembles the handle of a pan. Saturn, then, will be handling many of the problems and issues we are dealing with in 2009. When Saturn is involved, we get what we deserve, both good and bad.


2. President Elect Obama has his work cut out for him. I predict he will be an able and charismatic president, winning over many people who didn’t vote for him. Alas, as is already happening, many of his backers on the liberal left will fall out of love, and will begin to pick at the bones of their dreams, which now lay abandoned on the floor with the confetti of the election. But that is OK. Many of those people aren’t really happy unless they feel the world is against them. Obama, in the meantime, will have a good year and will manage to deflect many of the blows that come his way.  However, I do sense that he will be forced to make some changes in the first six months inside his West Wing.  This will be sad for him, because he genuinely liked these people and hoped their work would be stellar. Sometimes the reality doesn’t match the dream.

3. Hillary Clinton, as our Secretary of State, will be responsible for restoring the good relationships we used to have with many countries around the globe, and will do a very good job. Of course, she will continue to have detractors. But here’s a prediction that may surprise you — I predict that Bill Clinton will be a wonderful asset to both Hillary and to the US and the World, and he will not live up to his previous reputation as a peccadillo committer (I really did look diligently for a noun here; I considered peccadilloist, or peccadillot, but neither word exists and my spellchecker is going crazy now that I typed them.)

4. Some huge changes are coming for established icons that we thought would never change: Chrysler, Ford, and GM, just to name three. In 2008 we saw banking giants fall, and in 2009 we will see a shift in some other established systems. One of these big three auto manufacturers will not survive, I predict. And I think it will be Chrysler. And GM will be restructured severely. Ford will come out better than the others, but even Ford will face some huge changes. I predict that by the end of 2010, we will have a new way of looking at many things, including healthcare, social welfare, and transportation.  Here’s a link to another WordPress blogger, StarCats, who has an interesting post about 2009:

5.  Stimulus to the economy will be broadened. Already we see that President-elect Obama wants to put $700 billion in public works, including roads and bridges. I predict that education, both higher and K-12, will also get a boost. So will public libraries. The economic downturn has put our educational institutions in serious danger, and President Obama will address this in time for fiscal year 2010. However, I feel that the education money will come with strings. This will anger many of the teacher unions across the nation, as the accountability being asked for will be seen as a way to appease the GOP. Many of President Obama’s planned stimuli will be criticized by the far left as being tainted by appeasement to the right. 

6. Wars will continue, and after Obama takes office, I predict that Iraq and Afghanistan will continue well into 2012 and beyond. I don’t foresee any relief for us in 2009, and even after Iraq is put on the shelf militarily, we will continue to have a strong presence there.

7. The Dow and the economy will begin to recover in the fourth quarter of 2009. This is not a new prediction, as a search on Google will reveal that pundits believe this will occur. However, I don’t foresee a fast return to a dow of 12,000 and above. By March, the Dow will be more or less static and the dramatic highs and lows that we suffered through in the past year and a half will not happen again for a long, long time, if ever. The main problem has been that wealth has been concentrated, with most of it held by a few. In the future, this will not be so much the case. Many of the wealthy will remain so, yes. We do live in a capitalist economy here in the US, and if you’ve ever played Monopoly®, you know that it is impossible to recover when everyone else has hotels and all you have is a couple of properties on the blue and purple side of the board. But work will return and our public works will improve, and there will be more opportunity to get involved.

8. Real Estate will remain dismal until 2010, when it will begin to rebound. Many people in real estate as a profession will be out of the profession in 2009, and in 2010 there will be a shortage of real estate agents. This will be surprising to people. I don’t know why they would be surprised. Real estate has been horrible for awhile.  Mortgage rates will stabilize lower, and most people who had horrendous rates will be able to refinance for a much lower rate. Because bank rates will be lower, investors will find it more to their advantage to invest in real estate than put their money in banks.

9. Banks won’t like it, but the extra charges they have imposed on consumers will be curtailed somewhat by new bills brought before Congress in the first term of 2009. Current banking practices have evolved over the last 10 years with deregulation of banks. Checking accounts and charges will be changed. Overdraft protection charges will be changed. Credit card percentage rates will be changed. Some of these changes will result in fewer services to consumers, who will not all be pleased about the changes. However, the result is a safer and more level playing field for banking customers. 

Now for some fun predictions for 2009

1. Condoleeza Rice will become a Democrat and will marry a prominent Democratic politician.

2. My Uncle Roy will have his unpublished novel picked up by one of the networks (HBO?) for a series that will have a 10-year run.

3. My daughter Desara will decide to give me another grandchild. 

4. Marilyn and Al Williams will have the best garden in McDonald County in 2009, and we will all be terribly jealous.

5. Chad Stebbins will have his published novel turned into a mini-series that will come out in 2012.

6.  Larry & Brenda Kilby will not go on a cruise. 

7. Noreen McMahan will have a grandchild.

8. Karen and Bob Madison will write a book together and the UA Press will publish it.

9. Many New Year’s Predictions will be revealed to be total rubbish.

Watch this Blog for More. I’m just getting started.

2 thoughts on “OK, Kids – fasten your seatbelts. It's time for my annual New Year's Predictions for 2009!!!

  1. Hi,
    I have to agree with everything you said on here (a Christmas miracle!). Also, Brendon is adorable!!!!
    Love the blog, Brenda.

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